Our Collabs

Here at Merci Handy, things are looking rosy (Pantone 2060 to be exact).

For our new collaboration, our friends at Pantone have given us a blank canvas, so we’re taking this opportunity to show you our true colours with this incredible limited edition kit.

Kit Pantone
Kit Disney

We’ve teamed up with the most legendary mouse of all time, just for you… all ears?! It’s Mickey!

We’ve added extra love, care, and a little fairy dust to our hand gels to bring you a special Limited Edition kit, starring Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy.

Magic at your fingertips!

For our candles, we’ve teamed up with oh-so-French Duralex.

Once the candle’s used up, this collectors glass is reusable. Whether you’re looking for a swimming pool for your ladybirds, or a portable elbow freshener, look no further.

Bougie duralex Pantone
gel Sephora

With Sephora, we really love each other. But we love sweets just as much.

So, we’ve imagined a gel with sweet and sugary scent, especially for them. Its black and white striped dress and little red beads suit it perfectly, right?

We’ve also designed a large 300ml gel, available in self-service in all make-up areas of Sephora stores.

With our friends at Galeries Lafayette, we’ve imagined this collector’s edition gel.

It’s available exclusively at Galeries Lafayette.

gel Galeries Lafayette
Gel Uber

At Merci Handy, we usually travel by Unicorn. But sometimes by Uber too.

For our friends at Uber, we’ve imagined a fabulous gel in large format.

For our friends at Colette, we’ve dressed Lollipop in a pretty polka dot dress. A cute collector’s edition!

Rose Carpet

Thanks to Rose Carpet, we met three golden girls who light up the Internet. EnjoyPhoenix, Clara Channel and Elsa Makeup.

They’re so great that we decided to bottle their universes, and imagine three lovely gels with three new scents.

Ha Cannes festival… So many celebs gathered in one place to celebrate their love of films.

To make this event even more incredible, we partnered with Technikart Magazine, and designed this gel in the Festival colours, to give to the most beautiful pairs of hands.