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Titre de la musique : Magnifik

At Merci Handy's, we love a good song and dance, and we’re all about Love.
So naturally, you’ll find us in our favourite artist KillASon’s latest vid. Because life is #MAGNIFIK, and even more so with an intergalactic kitten flying across the sky.


Rapper, beatmaker, but also dancer, artist, and ravioli eater, KillASon combines his many talents and puts them to use in his musical projects. With a vibe not unlike Outkast’s, his unique universe, with all of its eclectic influences, lies closest to that of Tyler Creator.

Just like us, KillASon lives in a hybrid parallel universe, where hip hop and electro join in harmony, creating “Energy Music”. In this parallel universe, you’ll find nothing but colour and positive attitude, with monotony and sadness left far away.

“Magnifik” is a Rock & Trap version of Alice in Wonderland. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?